Hermes Birkin 25cm in Gold/Bronze Chevre Mysore Gold Hardware
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  • Model: H_10313
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  • Material: Chevre Mysore   >>Details
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  • Hardware: Palladium hardware
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  • Description

    Description: A drop dead gorgeous Birkin in RARE color and leather: Gold/Bronze in Chevre Mysore. It's very difficult to capture the true Golden Bronze color with camera though. It is adorned with Gold hardware. Such a gorgeous cutie !!!Chevre leather is very sought after and relatively hard to find. Light weight, nice sheen on the surface, etc are some of the great characteristic this leather offers. Upon close look you may see a spine at the middle of the kelly, not distinctive nor obvious though. The spine is the natural characteristic of Chevre ( Goat Skin ). The metallic Chevre collection was very limited and hard to find. Don't you adore this golden birkin!?This Birkin is in Good Used Condition. The outside and inside of the birkin looks great. There're a few indentation on the leather. The bottom corners have rubbed wear ( losing top color coating) and discoloration. Gold hardware is nice and shiny and the turnlock is still in protective plastic. The underside of the handles have discoloration. Metallic Color is very difficult to produce. It has many layers of color coating, so the color coating is much, much thicker than regular color. In some area, the very top gold layers were rubbed off and revealed the underneath layers, but even so, it's not that obvious because it's simply too shiny to look at! :)This *darling* Birkin is absolutely HOT. Even it is only smaller Birkin, it will draw a lot of attention in this RARE metallic color! This is the perfect bag for the parties and events! :)    





    • Model: H_10313