Hermes Kelly Sellier 32cm Black Box Leather Gold Hardware
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  • Model: H_10603
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  • Material: Box leather   >>Details
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  • Hardware: Gold hardware
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  • Description

    Description: This is definitely a vintage gem from the 50's: A Classic black box kelly sellier in gold hardware. Look at the drop dead beautiful patina and you may feel the spongy box leather! A fine example of how box leather ages gracefully. Box leather is classic Hermes leather. Light weight, nice patina ( sheen ) on the surface, etc are some of the great characteristic this leather offers. Box leather can be refurbished to very nice condition at Hermes SPA. However, if you're very sensitive of scratches or wear, Box leather may NOT be for you! This Kelly is in heavily used vintage ( over 60 years old ! ) condition with flaws and blemishes. The gold hardware has scratches and wear, yet it has a nice patina on it. The box leather has full patina. It feels very spony and thick. This is an fine example of how box leather can age beautifully. There's a sharp scratch on the front towards the left hand corner. Some wrinkles on the flap near the top folding area. The edges varnish/resin has wear and minor split at the corner resin/varnish and loosen stitching. The front straps are curved. Worn corners with missing stitchings. The two leather pieces that attaching the handles has loosen stitching and stretched . Keep in mind this is over 60 years old !!! It has some musty smell. Do not assume nor expect it is to be in excellent condition. There may be more little blemishes/flaws that need to be addressed, but you get the overall idea. Functionally it is solid and sound; you may carry and enjoy it for many years down the road. However, if you cannot stand vintage item with blemishes, this kelly may not be for you!***** Provenance of this Kelly will be provided to the new owner ( the forth owner ). It has received Hermes spa EVERY year. The previous craftsperon, Manuela, at Hermes Beverly Hills put a new handle on this Kelly in 2009 ( sale receipt provided ). *****This Kelly is a fine, exquisite, wearable antique ! It is just amazing to see how this kelly was treasured over the decades...... will you take her home today?    





    • Model: H_10603