Hermes Birkin 40cm in Vache Naturelle Leather Gold Hardware
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  • Model: H_10303
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  • Material: Vache Naturelle   >>Details
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  • Hardware: Gold Hardware
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  • Description

    Description: Vache Naturelle is the original and classic Hermes saddle leather. It acquires very nice patina over time. It will show marks, stains, scratches from usage, but all these will blend in nicely with the patina. If you're sensitive and prefer mint condition bag, vache naturelle may not be the leather for you.This birkin is in Good Used Condition. This VN birkin has NEVER been treated nor receiving SPA from Hermes. It has been used once in a is still in light color and hasn't yet developed its infamous patina. I will leave it to the new owner! It has some fingernail scratches and water marks ( near edges ). One sharp scratch near the edge ( the third last pic ). Handles are not darken. All four corners are fine without wear. Inside lining is clean without stains. The turnlock is still covered with protective plastics. The newer version of birkin has completely lined pocket. You won't feel the suede like texture in the pocket. This features keep the pockets clean! :)I can't possibly show you every little blemishes. After all, VN skin is known to have stains or mark after usage if it is un-treated! If any of the cosmetic blemishes bother you, please refrain from buying ! Birkin 40cm is UNISEX and it is also a great MIRKIN ( aka Man-Birkin ) as Cameron Silver states. I like to carry it in more relaxing style like how it looks in the last two pictures. Birkin 40cm in VN is relatively light weighted. It is nearly impossible to find at Hermes boutique or via Special order. Please ask your favorite SA at your Hermes boutique about ordering a VN birkin 40cm - you will know this is indeed a rare gem !!! Get it now or it'll be too late!!    





    • Model: H_10303