Hermes Birkin 35cm Black Gulliver Egee needlepoint
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  • Model: H_10290
  • Size: 11pt; mso-fareast-font-family: Calibri;   >>Details
  • Material: Gulliver Leather ( The former of Swift   >>Details
  • Color:    >>Details
  • Hardware: Gold hardware
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  • Description

    Description: Look at this RARE and HIGHLY COLLECTIBLE Hermes Egee Birkin 35 !! It is so exquisite and unique. Definitely a priced gem for Hermes connoiseur! Gulliver leather is a smooth leather with very fine grains. It has very nice sheen on the surface. This leather takes up color very well and will make any color looks vibrant and iridescent. Gulliver has very nice silky smooth hand feel; yet it is much sturdier ( and thicker ! ) than the current Swift leather. Gulliver is discontinued and replaced with Swift . They share many similarities, yet they're different. For example, Gulliver is shiner and thicker than Swift. Gulliver keeps its shape and less slouch than Swift. The inside of this birkin is lined with Chevre Maroccain, so it makes it more rigid and keeps its shape well.?/P





    • Model: H_10290