Hermes Birkin 35cm Etoupe Togo Crinoline Palladium HW
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  • Model: H_10234
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  • Material: Togo leather   >>Details
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  • Hardware: Palladium hardware
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  • Description

    Description: This Hermes Etoupe Togo Crinoline Birkin 35cm is a rare beautiful !! Roomy to fit all your needs, yet it is in lighter weight than all Togo leather version Birkin. It is so slouchy and relaxed, yet Togo leather is very sturdy !! It is in Good Used condition. There're some scuffing/discoloration on the leather bottom corners ( see close up pics ). The inside fabric lining is clean. Hardware is shiny with superficial scratches. Functionally it is sound and solid. Without stuffing, this birkin is very slouchy and floppy. Crinoline is in good condition with some spiky broken strands. There's NO holes nor worn spots. Crinoline is not as fragile as it seems because of the woven structure. Even with some of the broken strands, it won't cause any problem to the entire structure of it. But if you can't put up with spiky touch/feel, this may not be for you ! This Birkin has nice slouchiness! This is such a CHIC and SPECIAL birkin! Get it now or it'll be gone !    





    • Model: H_10234