Hermes Birkin 35cm in Fauve Barenia Palladium Hardware
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  • Model: H_10259
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  • Material: Fauve Barenia   >>Details
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  • Hardware: Palladium Hardware
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  • Description

    Description: Barenia leather is sought after and hard to find. It will acquire the nicest patina over time. If you're looking for perfect skin, barenia is NOT the leather for you. Barenia is definitely NOT for the faint heart. It's an acquired taste! Unless you wear glove to handle it and just store it inside your closet, anything in barenia will NOT be perfect.This birkin is in Very Good Used Condition. The barenia leather has some light fingernail scratches. It does not have any smiley ( arc ) on the front. The handles are fine, not darkened. All four corners are fine with light scuffing. Inside lining is clean without stains.I can't possibly show you every little blemishes. After all, barenia skin is known to have stains or mark after usage if it is un-treated! If any of the cosmetic blemishes bother you, barenia may not be your cup of tea - please refrain from buying or it will ended up being stored away.For the fingernail scratches on the barenia, you can rub them lightly with your fingers. The oil on your skin will help blend in the scratches. If you send the birkin to Hermes SPA, the barenia leather will be well nourished and most of the time all those scratches will be gone from my experience. It's very hard to capture the true color of barenia because of the patina on the leather. The actual birkin is not as glossy as it appears to be.This is definitely a RARE barenia gem. Barenia leather is sought after and nearly impossible to find at Hermes boutique. Please ask your favorite SA at your Hermes boutique about ordering a barenia birkin - you will know this is indeed a rare gem !!! Get it now or it'll be too late!!    





    • Model: H_10259