Hermes Birkin 35cm in Marron Glace Color Buffalo Skipper Gold Hardware
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  • Model: H_10235
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  • Material: Buffalo Skipper leather   >>Details
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  • Hardware: Gold hardware
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  • Description

    Description: This Buffalo Skipper Birkin 35cm is a great daily bag !!! Buffalo leather is very sturdy and tough. It is one of the toughest leathers that can stand wears - perfect for daily use. The inside lining is also completed in Buffalo Skipper leather. It is in GOOD USED condition. Buffalo leather has very distinctive grains and veins. It is soft to the touch yet it is very sturdy. The bottom corners looks fine with minor scuffing. The inside buffalo leather ining is clean. Hardware has superficial scratches. Functionally it is very solid and sound. The pictures are taken with stuffing so it can stand upright. Without any stuffing, this Birkin is VERY SLOUCHY and FLOPPY - can't stand on its own!!! So chic and casual! ^_^This is definitely CHIC and FUNCTIONAL ! PERFECT WORKHORSE! Please adopt this buffalo today !!    





    • Model: H_10235