Hermes Birkin 35cm in Vert Olive Barenia Brushed Palladium Hardware
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  • Model: H_10345
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  • Material: Vert Olive Barenia   >>Details
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  • Hardware: Brushed Palladium Hardware
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  • Description

    Description: Barenia leather is sought after and hard to find. It will acquire the nicest patina over time. If you're looking for perfect skin, barenia is NOT the leather for you. Barenia is definitely NOT for the faint heart. It's an acquired taste! Unless you wear glove to handle it and just store it inside your closet, anything in barenia will NOT be perfect. This birkin is in Average Pre-owned Condition with blemishes. The vert olive barenia has been darked, kind of like bronze color. Functionally it is sound and solid. There are some scuffs on the leather bottom corners. And it does have scratches, stains, and smudges on the bag. For example, there's a dark dot on the right hand side, at the front of the bag. A dark mark is on right hand side, at the back along the side piping. I can't possibly show you every blemishes. After all, barenia skin is known to have stains or mark after usage if it is un-treated !There're natural vertical streaks on the back of the bag -- commonly found on barenia skin. There's nice patina on the skin ( a nice sheen ). If you're looking for a stain free, mint condition, barenia birkin, this is defintiely NOT for you. It is well loved with characters!! It may help to get a SPA treatment.This birkin is so shabby chic. It is so slochy and relaxed. Please ask if you have any questions.    





    • Model: H_10345