Hermes Bolide 37cm Black Fjord Leather Palladium Hardware
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  • Model: H_10349
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  • Material: Fjord Leather   >>Details
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  • Hardware: Palladium Hardware
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  • Description

    Description: Fjord leather is very sturdy and has good resistance to scratches, perfect as daily bag! It has good water resistance as well and water seems to run off the Fjord surface. The grains are flat and larger than Togo leather. This bolide is in Good Used Condition. Outside looks gorgeous. The corners are fine. The inside lining is clean with some fingernail scratches, press marks, and indentations. Hardware has superficial scratches. This Bolide is very modern chic because of the black leather/silver combo. It is just perfect to be a daily workhorse. Fjord is very sturdy leather and it's perfect to be used on a workhorse! Functionally this Bolide is solid and sound, and it looks really gorgeous ! Bolide is such a under the radar yet Hermes Classic bag ! Take this beauty home now !    





    • Model: H_10349