Hermes Constance 23cm Black Box Leather with Gold hardware
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  • Model: H_10047
  • Size: 9 x 7 x 2. Strap is about 15 drop-leng   >>Details
  • Material: Box Leather   >>Details
  • Color:    >>Details
  • Hardware: Gold hardware
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  • Description

    Description: An all time favorite Hermes Constance 23cm in black box leather. Box leather is classic Hermes leather. Light weight, nice patina ( sheen ) on the surface, etc are some of the great characteristic this leather offers. Box leather can be refurbished to very nice condition at Hermes SPA.This is definitely a vintage gem from the 60's: A Classic black box constance in gold hardware. Look at the drop dead beautiful patina and you will feel the spongy box leather! Yes, the box leather has soften up and becomes pliable. A fine example of how box leather ages gracefully!!!It is Good Vintage Used condition. The outside box leather has luscious patina on the surface. It has very fine wrinkles on the box leather. However, it does not feel dry at all. The shoulder strap has wrinkle and soften up as well. It has some fingernail scratches on the Constance, but they blend in beautifully with the patina. The inside lamb skin lining is clean. Inside eclair zipper works perfectly. The Gold H hardware has superficial scratches -gold and shiny. The plastic protection guard beneath hardware is intact. There's some rubbed wear to the edge varnish, not serious. The box leather feel spongy and supple ! :)**** Keep in mind this is over 50 years old! It is not perfect. Consiering its age, it's in good preowned condition. If you are looking for a mint Hermes constance, this is not for you. ***Take this beautiful H classic home today! :    





    • Model: H_10047