Hermes Doc Portfolio Briefcase in Black box leather Perma-brass hardware
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  • Model: H_10089
  • Size: 14.5 x 11   >>Details
  • Material: Box leather.   >>Details
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  • Description

    Description: Box leather is classic Hermes leather. Light weight, nice patina ( sheen ) on the surface, etc are some of the great characteristic this leather offers. Box leather can be refurbished to very nice condition at Hermes SPA.This portfolio is in Average Condition with FLAWS ! The hardware is perma-brass, which looks like brushed gold. There's a few scratches on the box leather, but the patina make them less obvious. Inside lining is clean. The major flaw on this portfolio is the indentation or impressed mark on the front and back. The weight of an heavy object made those indentation. I don't think it can be fixed, NOT even at Hermes SPA. Priced to go ! The pictures show it holds a 13' laptop - of course the laptop is NOT included. Functionally it is solid and sound. If you can put up with the indentation marks, this can be a nice portfolio or laptop case ! Endless possibilities.    





    • Model: H_10089