Hermes Evelyne PM I Vert Olive Barenia Crinoline Palladium hardware
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  • Model: H_10396
  • Size: PM size about 11 x 12.   >>Details
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  • Hardware: Palladium hardware
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  • Description

    Description: Barenia leather is sought after and hard to find. It will acquire the nicest patina over time. If you're looking for perfect skin, barenia is NOT the leather for you. Barenia is definitely NOT for the faint heart. It's an acquired taste! Unless you wear glove to handle it and just store it inside your closet, anything in barenia will NOT be perfect. Vert Olive is perfect neutral color that shows different hue from bronze to olive green. Lovely!Evelyne PM is a great messenger bag. Light weight and handy to use, you can carry it across your body or add a scarf tied to the ring on the sides for an extra touch of fun color. PM size is about 1' shorter in length and width than GM. This is the Evelyne PM I - without outside pocket nor adjustable strap.This Evelyne PM is in Good Used Condition. There's some fingernail scratches on the barenia leather. A few darker marks on the barenia leather. The inside lining is clean with darken mark on barenia at the bottom - seems like water mark. Functionally it is solid and sound. Crinoline is in good condition with some spiky broken strands near the edges. There's NO holes nor worn spots. Crinoline is not as fragile as it seems because of the woven structure. Even with some of the broken strands, it won't cause any problem to the entire structure of it. But if you can't put up with spiky touch/feel, this may not be for you ! This Evelyne looks so casual chic ! You well deserve a nice messenger bag ! Get this beauty now !    





    • Model: H_10396