Hermes Trim II 31cm in Natural Barenia with Palladium Hardware
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  • Model: H_10015
  • Size: Trim 31cm. 13 x 12 x 3.   >>Details
  • Material: Natural Barenia & Crinoline   >>Details
  • Color:    >>Details
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  • Description

    Description: Barenia leather is sought after and hard to find. It will acquire the nicest patina over time. If you're looking for perfect skin, barenia is NOT the leather for you. Barenia is definitely NOT for the faint heart. It's an acquired taste! Unless you wear glove to handle it and just store it inside your closet, anything in barenia will NOT be perfect. Crinoline is horsehair woven. It is very light weight and slouchy. After usage, it will have broken strands giving you spiky touch. It is much durable than expected. ?/PThis Trim II 31cm is in Good Pre-owned Condition. The natural barenia remains in nice and warm





    • Model: H_10015